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Structural Steel

The endless world of Structural steel all comes together at Saudi Group, as we make abundantly available the most highly demanded items in the market today.

Structural steel (a.k.a. Commercial and/or industrial steel) are types of steel that are formed with specific shapes or cross sections and certain standards of chemical composition and strength. Many sections are made by hot or cold rolling, others are made by welding together flat or bent plates. They must adhere to different standards such as ASTM A36, which are normally published by developed nations. Unlike the past, where fabrication of dimensional structured steel has been performed by sequential operations involving sawing, drilling and high temperature flame cutting, nowadays, developments in plasma cutting and laser cutting of metals has been combined with computerized motion control to accomplish the sequential operations in a more accurate single machine. Structural steel is fabricated into an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. It includes plain bars, square bars, flat bars, channels, angles, tubes, hot rolls, smooth steel, sheets, checkered plates, coils, I-Beams, H-Beams, UP-Channels and steel props and other such products.

They are imported from many different location counting Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Turkey, Japan and Egypt as some sources for different types of steel as well as numerous local suppliers.

Within the last generation steel has been increasingly used for structural and ornamental purposes. In ornamental work, there is the manufacture of inside and outside stairs, fire escapes, grillwork, elevator enclosures, balcony railings, fences, collar caps, vault lights, and all forms of metal-work which are decorative in character. Cold-rolled steel is typically chosen for work requiring sharp corners and clear lines, such as balcony railings, doors, and grillwork, while iron is generally selected for rougher work and for jobs that do not require sharp edges. Castings are sometimes used in such cases.


Our commercial and Industrial steel products fit global standards requirements and come with certificates of origin ensuring reliability of the source, all available up on request

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