Saudi Group For Construction Materials Co.



1 - Who is Saudi Group?
Saudi Group is a market leader in the wholesale and retailing of an extensive range of construction materials.

2 - What does Saudi Group Supply?
Saudi Group supplies a large variety of construction and manufacturing materials including all kinds of wood, reinforcement and strucutral steel, chemicals, safety equipment, hardware supplies and much more.

3 - Where does Saudi Group get its prodcuts?
Saudi Group deals with both local and imported goods. It imports products from all around the world.

4 - Where is Saudi Group based?
Saudi Group is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its headquarters in Riyadh and main offices in Jeddah and Dammam and retail and wholesale outlets scattered all around the Kingdom.

5 - Why choose Saudi Group?
Saudi Group is always striving to provide its clients with unmatchable service by connecting on a social, personal and professional level. Saudi Group is the main importer of many different construction materials and a supplier to most traders in the Kingdom, giving it an edge in being most competitive. Saudi Group has the capability to supply its clients with any large amout of materials required, at anytime, anywhere in the Kingdom.

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