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In addition to our massive product line of varied construction products, tools and equipment, we carry many other goods to help provide all your requirements. 

We bring forward innovative products and technologies which help in restoring and protecting building structures; and offer systematic solutions for structural refurbishment, cosmetic, repairs, pest protection, waterproofing and sealants. We also provide termite control solutions for cement & wood treatment, as for glue/silicon sealants and insulation boards and rolls, as well as agricultural chemicals. Additionally, other types of glue, including wood glue, can be found at Saudi Group.

Also available at Saudi Group, you can find your conventional nails and many different accessories, such as door knobs, locks and other such items. To reinforce wall angles, angle beats are brought in to achieve this purpose and made available to our customers.

Another useful accessory would be the steel clamps. Steel clamps are steel structures that lock wooden blocks or boards together to be able to cast concrete appropriately. Steel props used for support are conveyed to help achieve customers' necessities. Binding wires with different specifications are also offered at Saudi Group.

In addition to cutting and grinding disks and accessories, fiber disks are also obtainable, with sanding paper and supplimentary items that serve similar functions. Items and accessories such as all types of hardware equipment to be used with our power tools discussed in the hardware tools section.

It is a habit at Saudi Group to keep discovering new items, very much essential to our customer, and serving in making their job effortless. We will keep introducing new products to always simplify tasks and let our customers get the best out of their situations.

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